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Michigan Scrap Metal Sellers

Do you know how much money you have just sitting in your backyard, tool shed or on your business lot? Franklin Metals recycling center and scrapyard wants to pay you for your junk and scrap metal. Our family-owned and operated metal recycling center offers customers over 44 years of experience, great prices and a convenient full service scrapyard — centrally located in Michigan.

We offer a wide-range of services:

  • Auto Salvage: Junk your car for cash
  • Recycle Bins & Dumpsters: For industrial generating scrap and construction scrap
  • Scrap Metals: Aluminum, lead, stainless steel, copper wire, iron and more
  • Full Service: We handle ALL types of metal recycling

We buy from the commercial, industrial, farming and construction industries:

  • Commercial: Plumbers, siding contractors, Heating & Air
  • Industrial: Manufacturing scrap, scrap metal
  • Individuals: Farmers, obsolete scrap metal, old water heater, scrap cars
  • Bulk Purchases: Aluminum from scrap yards

Bring your junk car in to Michigan’s top scrap yard for auto recycling and leave with money in your pocket. Consumers and auto repair professionals alike rely on our auto recycling facilities to convert their cars into cash!

From industrial generators to construction contractors to farmers to home remodelers — we can help you turn your scrap metal waste into cash! Creating a lot of scrap metal or home construction and demolition waste? Please call Franklin Metals at 800.747.6546 today.