Our Effective Recycling Will Help Keep The Earth Green!


Frankling Metal Trading

After nearly 44 years of quality service, the Michigan metal recyclers at Franklin Metals continue to set the standard for collecting and processing manufactured scrap metals, obsolete goods and other raw materials into industrially reusable commodities. Whether our metal recycling experts are buying scrap metal or selling scrap metal — we remain committed to being environmentally responsible and encouraging conservation of our natural resources. Our commercial effectiveness will help Keep the Earth Green!

Either working closely with commercial clients in the industrial, commercial and contracting industries — or with individual consumers — Franklin Metal’s exceptional recycling services will deliver the results you want. Through the application of proven processes using state-of-the-art technologies, our scrap metal recycling professionals produce and export high quality products for re-use by die casters, foundries, mills, refiners and smelters.

While Franklin Metals retains the capacity to handle the service requirements of even the largest companies — we also take great pride in being small enough to provide a high level of personalized service designed to meet your individual needs. Our in-house fleet of trucks and commercial carriers enable us to efficiently reach our customers and consumers in over 12 states and 5 countries.

Our Mission

We are committed to provide exceptional service to our customers in the form of quick responses, fair prices, honest settlements and a high degree of flexibility to meet their changing needs.

As responsible stewards of the environment, we will process materials in a safe and appropriate manner that ensures that our limited resources remain available for use by future generations.

Satisfied customers are the essence of our livelihood. Therefore the efforts of our company are continuously directed toward meeting or exceeding each customer's requirements for product quality, pricing, scheduling, service and personal backup support.

For more information on Franklin Metal’s scrap metal recycling or any of our metal processing services, please contact or call us directly at 616.374.7171.